Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On the road - Day 1


OK, I've got this. Packed my suitcase in a reasonable amount of time last evening. Could have packed lighter, but...what the heck.

Philadelphia International Airport - TSA security check didn't take as horrifically long as the news reports are depicting. Perhaps I was just fortunate this morning. My flight is listed as on time.  Just purchased a Subway hoagie (as we call them here in Philly) to eat on the plane. Settling in. Going to write and read some.

Feeling peaceful. This is a trip I'm led to make. Comme une évidence, as the French say. No big deal. No grand convictions. Just going to visit a friend. Who happens to live on death row in Texas.

10:00pm - Livingston, TX

Not a bad drive from Houston airport to my hotel in Livingston. Found a nice tex-mex restaurant nearby for dinner. Took a dry run out to Polunsky, located not very far from where I'm staying. It was starting to get dark.  Lit up and viewed from a distance, the huge compound had an eery feel. Back in my hotel room, as talking TV heads dissected Donald Trump's newly released finances (must be nice being worth $10B), I reread the helpful advice from the kind TCADP member. Take only my ID, car keys, my bag of quarters for our gourmet vending machine lunch, and a sweater. Leave everything else in the car. Lots of gates to pass through. Feeling afraid I'll get lost somewhere between security and the visiting room. Counting on the Light to show me the way.

Anticipating our first meeting.  Through a glass...but not darkly.

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