Sunday, September 9, 2012

A week of being 60

It's been a week since the major milestone. I have say that the worst changes I've noticed in my body are a tendency to gain weight --which I fight off with three Zumba classes per week-- and a somewhat lower tolerance for caffeine. Can't complain. And since I don't spend a lot of time looking at my face in the mirror, the wrinkles around and the circles under my eyes don't make me fret.

But I'm learning something else...something that I've always known but am just beginning finally to internalize.  My body may be 60 years old, but my spirit is the age it has always been. My body and mind are just growing into my spirit's maturity and wisdom.

My spirit is woven into the fabric
of the Divine Spirit
never to be torn away

My mortal, changing body
will obstruct the nectar-like
wisdom imparted by spirit
less and less

My body will deteriorate
but the threads uniting
my spirit to the Divine 
will grow firmer
transmitting the understanding
and peace
that impart contentment
and tranquility

I've only to let its energy
its pulse
overtake mine 

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