Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nothing between Thee and me

Back in the 60's (I know I'm showing my age here), poet/songwriter Rod McKuen published a collection of verse entitled Listen to the Warm. Arriving quite early at our meetinghouse this morning (my heart must finally be repenting of my chronic tardiness and must be turning over a new leaf), I sat listening to the crackling fire that a Friend had generously lit in the fireplace for the comfort of all, and the words "listen to the calm" came to me...along with these words:

Nothing between Thee and me
as I sit in the stillness
safe in the embrace
of four pure white walls

No organ swell
no hymns
only the song of wood crackling in the hearth

No incense
only the fragrance of rough-hewn benches

No stained glass
just pristine windows
transmitting unadulterated sunlight

No sermon
no oration
only Thy voice
wafting over the arid sands
of my desert heart

Thy words
an oasis
my refreshment

Thee bids me
drink deeply
thirsty wanderer
my child
my own

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