Friday, November 26, 2010

Some photos from Bob's Antarctic adventure

My husband just returned from his dream trip to the Antarctic. Here are just a few photos.
Read his reflections here.


tour ship, the Ocean Nova

zodiac expedition boat

group photo

penguin trail

Hey, guys, wait for me!

This is the life!

Gift shop window, Port Lockroy

happy feet

Hello, world!



  1. WOW!!! Definitely a dream vacation! Thanks for posting these amazing pictures, which are stupendous when I think someone connected to someone I "know" was actually THERE.

  2. I gave Bob a surprise 60th birthday party last evening and invited some of his oldest friends (i.e., friends he's kept in touch with since childhood). So he was able to be the entertainment showing his photos.

    He had been wanting to go to Antarctica ever since PBS had a show about the explorations of Amundsen and Shackleton, about 2o yr ago!

    Have a great week.


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