Saturday, October 16, 2010


Something I recently put together in my writing course (which I've decided I'm going to continue for another 5 weeks)
Eyes Wide Open

In perfect formation
  peaceful and still
two hundred boots
  aligned on a hill

In ten neat rows
  in each ten pairs
pungent leather
  in autumn’s damp air

weather beaten
  scuffed and brown
now empty soles
  without a sound

tell of Esteban
  or John or Lee
shot or dispatched
  by an IED

identical but for a tag
  and a name
their dreams too
  were much the same

one boot holds a news clip
  another a rose
in this one a photo
  a happy pose

before shipping out
  with his duffle bag
thence to return
  draped in the flag

And I softly pacing
  from pair to pair
read each precious name
  and whisper a prayer


  1. Thank you! It's nice to have a faithful reader!!

  2. I came across this powerful art exhibit through your blog - it still moves me.


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