Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer for 9.11

I recently connected with a group of French Unitarians online.  How I came to know about them is too long a story...but I enjoy reading their newsletter and participating in their forum. And they seem to like having an English-speaking Quaker hanging around :-) There was a request for an English translation of a prayer, and I did my best to rise to the occasion. It occurred to me that, on may levels, it's a very appropriate prayer for today:

Breath of Life, in spite of us,
Breath of Life that believers call God,
Breath of freedom and forgiveness,
You give us life and sustain us in our life’s struggles;
You give meaning to our existence;
You make it possible for us to live and pray together, in spite of our differences and singularities;
We thank You, Breath of freedom and forgiveness, for in You and through You respect and love can exist, always in spite of us;
In You and through You always, in spite of us, we have the power to dream and to work for a new world, a world of freedom, love and forgiveness.

Translated from the French text written by

Paulo Renato Garrochinho and the group of Liberal Christians and Unitarians of Portugal, and presented by the  l'Eglise unitarienne francophone (EUfr)

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