Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bye-bye, Bloglines, owner of Bloglines, has announced that the aggregator will close on October 1. I know that I'll sure miss it. I've been subscribing to my favorite blogs through Bloglines over the past few years.  My blogroll is arranged not alphabetically, but sort of chunked by broad topic: news, politics, Quakerism, anti-torture groups, librarian groups.

Bloglines has kindly provided a way to export my blog list to another aggregator, which will probably be an RSS reader in Firefox. Nothing will be lost, I'm sure, and the export process will give me the opportunity to review my blog roll and maybe eliminate those that I don't read too often.

But I'll still miss you, Bloglines.  Thanks for the years of service!

Update 10/1/2010 -  Bloglines is still online for another month.  Will officially close Nov. 1.

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