Friday, August 13, 2010

The same old routine, but better

Just got through my first week of work and did my second load of wash since returning from France. I've also done food shopping and prepared quite a few meals. (The terrine didn't turn out too pretty.  As a matter of fact, it broke when I took it out of the baking dish. But it tasted yummy. OK, so I'm not Julia Child.) The enchanted aura of my trip has worn off, but some positive effects seem to have stuck.

I think I successfully distracted my brain with spectacular sights, my taste buds with fresh fruits and cheeses, and my spirit with rejuvenating encounters with friends.  All that seems to have relandscaped a lot of my mental and emotional ruts.  I find that I can do my work with a lot less anxiety about trivial things that I had gotten in the bad habit of worrying about day in and day out.

Hmm...maybe that's why the French believe in spending a significant period of time away from work every year.

Et c'est une très bonne idée!

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