Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 detainees, 1 freed, 1 still in Gitmo, and 1 very, very dedicated attorney

If you get the chance, listen to this interview with Candace Gordon, attorney to two Gitmo detainees, 1 of whom has been recently released Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia:

Only the first 15 min or so contains the interview with Gordon.

Before leaving Gitmo, Mr. Al-Ghizzawi (who had never been charged with any offense and who was cleared for release years ago) was asked to sign a document admitting that he had conspired against the US (fortunately, he had been forewarned by his attorney and he refused to sign), and he was transported shackled and wearing blinders to his unknown destination, which turned out to be the Republic of Georgia.

Gordon's blog:

"I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
--The New Colossus

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