Monday, March 1, 2010

But doc, torture really makes me sick...

 There's an excellent op-ed. in today's New York Times on the complicity of medical doctors and psychologists in torture at Guantánamo Bay and the lack of accountability for their unethical assistance. How did we sink so low?

 [The CIA's Office of Medical Services] said detainees could be exposed to cold air or hosed down with cold water for up to two-thirds of the time it takes for hypothermia to set in. And it advised that placing a detainee in handcuffs attached by a chain to a ceiling, then forcing him to stand with his feet shackled to a bolt in the floor [blogger's note: this was called strappado back in the good ol' days of the Inquisition], “does not result in significant pain for the subject.”
 Really? Well, I hope our government takes as benign a view of these "enhanced interrogation techniques" when they're used on our captured service personnel someday.  BTW, that's a very interesting use of the term "medical services."

  How about chaining prisoners to the floor and leaving them lie in their excrement for hours, even days, as reported by FBI personnel who visited Gitmo? Sound like a standard interrogation method to you?

  Oh, and the medical studies cited in support of the CIA's  innovative interrogation techniques?   a "wilderness medical manual."

   Well, here's one voice crying in the wilderness for a thorough investigation.

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