Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twelve Days Left Till Christmas

So one more enemy leader is dead
   killed by a drone
Rejoice! they said

Cacophonous carols assail the ear
   and mountains of merchandise
stifle our fear

Isaiah wanders the glitzy streets
   searching for signs
of the Prince of Peace

Wearied by Macy’s wonderland
   he lies down with plush Leo
and soft Gucci lamb

And Mary, her soul extolling the Lord
   looks for fulfillment
of his gracious word

Of haughty brought low and lowly raised up
   but the vet on the corner
just rattles his cup

Of the rich turned away, of the poor getting fed
   but bag ladies huddle
on steam vents instead

The barefoot rabbi passes by
   who forgave his tormentors
before he died

By whom five thousand or more were fed
   but who had nowhere
to lay his own head

He sees that his message went terribly wrong
   he hears his birth fêted
in carol and song

But where shall he find when carols cease
   simplicity, kindness,
forgiveness and peace?

Graphic from mennolink

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