Friday, October 30, 2009

Love in the Time of H1N1

The Goodnight Anthem is on the road again, taking my son Tony (guitar and lead vocals) with them. They're off to venues in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and beyond.

One of their first shows had to be canceled because a couple of musicians in another band got the current version of the plague that's also touring the country. This got me worried, so I sent Tony off with a shoebox full of over-the-counter remedies in case he gets hit with the H1N1: Advil, Chloraseptic, Sudafed, Hall's vitamin C cough drops....and I told him to be sure to take his health insurance card with him and to go see a doctor if he got sick. I included a bottle of hand sanitizer too, for all the good it will do with all the instruments, equipment, amps, cables, and the like that they'll all be handling.

Fortunately, I'm hearing from the nurses at our university that the illness seems to get young people down for only a couple of days.

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