Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well Toto, looks like we're not on Bainbridge Island anymore

Gazing out my dining room window I don't see Eagle Harbor, but I do see lots of well-watered greenery thanks to all the storms we've been having.

I've had a month to readjust to life at work and at home after the serenity of Bainbridge Island and the enchantment of Victoria and Butchart Gardens. A week's getaway. But what a week!

At least there are pictures:

Since then the CIA has told us more about its creative ways of making people talk, health care reform has gone Where the Wild Things Are, and the students are back on campus.

Yep, normal life again.


  1. Great pictures, Barbara. Looks like you saw many of the crucial places in Victoria and surrounding areas. Love those totems. Joe and Matt start school on Wednesday and I head back to work tomorrow night after a week off. Went up to Leavenworth in the North Cascades for some hiking and hanging out. Roger

  2. Hey, how's everything going, Roger?

    In my head I'm still standing at your livingroom window and looking out at Eagle Harbor...

    Love to you and Gail and thanks for having us!


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