Thursday, July 30, 2009

Live from PYM Annual Sessions

Here I am at Annual Sessions, being held at De Sales University in the beautiful rolling hills of Penn's Woods...

Scilla Wahrhaftig and I just held our interest group discussion session on torture. Bob Greene from Princeton Friends and Harry (can't remember his last name) from Crosswick Friends attended. Hey, that's 2 more people than showed up last year!!

After viewing NYYM's video minute on torture and spending some time in worship, the conversation quickly moved from Guantánamo to much bigger questions of poor schools and poverty in the inner cities in general and how to build the "political will" to do something about it. It was great to meet Bob Greene finally. I'm going to keep in touch with him and see what sorts of outreach they are doing in the Princeton area.

It's been lovely chatting with Scilla. Came all by myself last year and didn't talk to anyone at all, besides the fact that no one attended my workshop :-(

This building is very modern and amazing. I'm blogging on my laptop using the wireless, but there are 6 public PCs available, four of which have been commandeered by some very young campers who are playing video games. The cafeteria is new and shiny, and I made myself a yummy salad for lunch ... there was even ice cream! Really looking forward to dinner.

Couldn't resist making a couple of purchases at Quaker Books.

A great kickoff to vacation!

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