Sunday, March 1, 2009

The snowman cometh

The sun flashed a mischievous grin this morning before giving the gray clouds the go-ahead. They lost no time piling in, thick and menacing. At the supermarket shoppers lined up at the self-checkout and at the dollar video rental dispenser. Which is worse, running of out milk or running out of entertainment?

Or maybe I've just forgotten how interminable a snow day can be cooped up with a couple of kids under age 10.

Cute snowman from


  1. One can get by without either one, even under the most trying circumstances.

    I was once snowbound in a blizzard in a tiny home with a man I had just broken off an engagement with as the snow was coming down. He tried to leave, but his car slid into a ditch and he had to come back inside for the duration (3 days).

    Despite everything, we managed to have a good time at the potluck dinner our nearest neighbors threw for anyone who could walk to their house.

    Oh, and we had neither milk nor entertainment, although the neighbors had whiskey. :D


  2. Well, you did better than I would have done, I think.


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