Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little bit of hell

Fire that falls from the sky
igniting the flesh

Flames that Sister Water
cannot quench
that must be smothered
by sand

seared into bodies
down to the bone

white phosphorus

A little bit of hell
come to earth


I’m a fool for forgiveness
I say: it’s OK
I know you didn’t mean it
…or even if you did

My heart beats to a forgiving rhythm
I take a deep breath
ready to absorb the outcry and scorn
and beg: forgive

Vengeance smothers vitality
the hurter and the hurt
ache all the more
so forbear
take a breath
breathe in and breathe out the Spirit

Our enemies are hungry
give them something to eat
our enemies are thirsty
give them something to drink
astound them with the words
I forgive you

In my dreams I see the spiral of violence
gently undulating
transforming into a peacefully flowing
playfully gurgling