Sunday, November 9, 2008

For some, policy change will come too late...

This just in from attorney H. Candace Gordon. She has just returned from visiting her client again in Guantánamo, and he is dying. Her repeated requests to have him transferred to another facility where he can be cared for have all been turned down by the federal judge.

Switzerland was willing to give him asylum and put him in a hospital to be treated for his tuberculosis and Hepatitis B. All the US had to do was officially ask. The powers-that-be would not ask.

All that is left is to comfort him a bit:

Al-Ghizzawi is in very bad shape and I am thinking it is time for people to send him letters to try to give him some hope. It takes a long time for mail to get to him. It will be read by the "authorities" and it will be censored....but if you have the time please send him a nice little letter letting him know that he is not forgotten. Who knows, he might even receive it.

Camp Delta
U.S. Naval Base Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
Washington, DC 20355


You might also be interested in hearing an interview Candace gave last week:

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