Thursday, July 31, 2008

Live from PYM Annual Sessions

So here I am in the bustling university center at DeSales University --somewhere in the Lehigh Valley, PA-- waiting to facilitate my award-winning workshop on US-sponsored torture. (Just kidding about the award-winning part.)

There are Quakers milling around all over the place. Damn subversives, every one of them! Where's Ashcroft or Rumsfeld when you need them? I mean, the campus should be put on orange alert.*

OK, they claim that I'm going to have a live Internet connection in the classroom where I'll be facilitating the workshop. (Right now I'm sitting in a sort of common area, where there obviously is wireless access.) Joan is kindly letting me blog on her iBook, as my laptop is not yet unpacked.

I'm hoping to show a clip from the raspberry-winning TV show "24," a clip showing Superhero Bauer at the height of his interrogator's art. I'm told that some Young Friends might be coming, so I thought they'd appreciate the clip.

I've updated my workshop to include an excerpt from the report by Physicians for Human Rights, Broken Laws, Broken Lives. It's beyond me how anyone can read these testimonies by former detainees and not start to cry.

Well, better get set up...

*The opinions expressed in this blog are exclusively those of Liberata and do not necessarily reflect those of PYM. (Don't want to be forcibly ejected or anything!)

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