Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today, like many Christians, I pause between noon and 3:00 to remember the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ. However, when I contemplate the crucified Jesus, I see the face of Guantánamo detainee #654.

An innocent shopkeeper, he was betrayed to the Northern Alliance by his neighbors for 5,000 pieces of silver and subsequently handed over to US forces. He was transported to Guatanámo Bay,where the members of his Combatant Status Review Tribunal washed their hands of him, though they found that he had committed no prosecutable offense.

His wrists and ankles bleed from the shackles that cut into his skin when his led from one part of Camp 6 to another. The biting pain in his side emanates from his liver, infected with hepatitis B. Afflicted with tuberculosis as well, yet denied proper medical attention, his cell has become his living tomb.

This Good Friday, the crucified Jesus has the face of Abdel Hamid Al-Ghizzawi.

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