Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving subtext

This morning I came downstairs and felt particularly thankful that Jude was still alive. Jude, a tropical fish, belongs to our older son's girlfriend. He brought Jude home from college over the holiday since his girlfriend Thank God! Last year he was depressed but this year he is happy couldn't take him home on the plane because of security rules...sort of difficult for a fish to survive in the regulation 3 oz of water. Jude's probably wondering why the floorboards are vibrating. As usual,it's our younger son disturbing the peace and quietThank God he's found his passion playing his electric guitar. Though I sure miss my mom who died 5 years ago of Alzheimer's thank God for letting me be at her bedside when she passed on and I miss her companion and also a cousin who used to come on the holidays, I'm glad my husband's parents will be coming Thank God my mother-in-law is mobile enough, after so many strokes, to come here for dinner. There's peace in our household, enough to eat, and we're all together.

Scene from the movie Godspell.


  1. C'est étonnant ce film, même si je ne comprends pas tout, la foi alliée au talent. ah et puis, c'est joli le temps qui passe, quand tu vois que le passé n'est pas uniquement pertes et deuils, mais aussi changement vers plus de paix et de sources de nouvelles joies.

  2. Tu ne l'as jamais vu, Godspell ??? C'était une pièce musicale d'abord et puis un film, d'après l'Evangile de Matthieu ... et cela aux années '70. Tu sais: love, peace, flower children, et tutto quanto !

    Pourtant, cela m'a fait du bien que de le revoir. Je ne sais pas, en écoutant certaines chansons, j'ai retrouvé un peu de sérénité.


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