Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reigning on our parade

Someone in our peace group was wondering out loud this morning about the success of the surge. She wondered if she was raining on someone's parade by doubting that victory was within sight.

Raining on someone's parade? Yes, of course, that's what it will all come down to for us: a big parade for the "winning" side. Winners who have not lost a loved one. Winners who will have secured their political jobs in this country. Democratic candidates who will breathe a relieved "whew! ... glad I didn't support that bill to defund the war!" And, of course, the pro-victory supporters who stand on street corners chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" (Because that's who it is really all for: the USA.)

So...the current "calm" in Baghdad justifies it all? Curve Ball's lies, the suicide bombing of the UN embassy, Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, white phosphorus, financial corruption, and ethnic cleansing...Iraqis who have fled...almost 4,000 American military casualties, and the latest estimate of over 1 million Iraqi deaths, the mortgaging of our children's financial future? How soon we forget in the pleasant glow of being the winners!

The only stories we will hear will be those of families who have managed to survive, thanks to the resilience that the Iraqi people are blessed with, the will that saw them through the reign of Saddam Hussein when it suited us to support him. May God bless them! They deserve it after what they've been through.

Does anyone read the blogs that are written from within Iraq? I mean, besides the one written by Michael Yon? Here are a couple:

Baghdad Burning: Riverbend
Authored by a young Iraqi woman since August 2003, the blog entries have since been published in book form. She and her family have been forced to flee to Syria.

Inside Iraq

This one has multiple authors, Iraqis who work as reporters for the McClatchy group. They too attest to the current "calm" ...but read on.

It's easy to cheer the winners on...when we're safe over here. These Iraqis who are in the middle of it, they're the ones who will tell us, years from now, whether the dying and destruction was all worth it.

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