Thursday, September 20, 2007

I think we're winning!

More than three-quarters of the displaced were women, and children under 12, reducing families to poverty, and compounding the sense of social dislocation.

“The men who were the breadwinners are no longer part of the family. They either fled or joined armed groups,” the report said.
Refugees in Their Own Land: 2m Iraqis Forced to Flee Their Homes

Seriously, though...I think I've finally figured our federal government out: the military is no longer subject to a civilian commander-in-chief. The President is now first and foremost a military commander and it's the civilians who are subject to the military...which exists to protect the interests of Halliburton et al. Difficult to draw any other conclusion after our senators, obeying the commander-in-chief's every whim, refuse even to extend the leave time of service personnel who are already being sent to Iraq for 2nd and 3rd tours of duty and keep babbling meaningless slogans like "recipe for defeat."

It's taken me a while to realize it, but our federal government is officially dysfunctional.


  1. there was a chilling article in our press yesterday aboput the privatisation of the armed forces.
    21st Sept.

  2. the curse of blogger! You'll have to add this bits together to get the link!

  3. Well, I guess that's one way to alleviate the mass unemployment problem. Funny (I mean sad-funny) how there's never a shortage of destructive occupations.

    Gee...I wonder who's manufacturing all those guns...

    I also noticed that the article is posted to Common Dreams. The comments people left are really interesting:

    BTW: Do you know
    You copy and paste in a long url and it gives you a shorter one.


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