Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just another presidential election
...Just another bunch of wannabes

Back in 2004, when the 1,000th American soldier was killed in Iraq and the Presidential elections were imminent,David Batstone of Sojourners wrote: "I want to hear how the candidate will be a peacemaker."

The body count now stands at 3684 ... my God! I just realized that this is almost 3 times higher! (not to mention the estimated 650,000+ Iraqi civilians...but heck, who cares about them? And anyway they should be grateful to die for their flag, right?)

So how about the latest bunch of hopefuls? What do they have to say? One would think that with body counts rising steeply, one of these individuals --who do not hesitate to say, "Give me money (to the tune of millions of dollars) so I can occupy the throne of the empire," would at least have some novel idea, an original thought or two about how to de-escalate hostilities and bring some real, lasting peace to this poor old war-scorched earth. Well, don't get your hopes up. It seems that "peace is not presidential," in the words of Frida Berrigan. She notes that "...most Democratic candidates for president speak of increasing rather than slashing the military budget." Needless to say, none of the Republican candidates is planning a "radical re-vamp of the Pentagon budget or taking on the weapons manufacturers who reap the benefits of a war-without-end strategy."

Our soldiers on the ground are in belt-tightening mode. Meanwhile, contractors deliver ice cream in the full panoply of flavors to the Imperial Headquarters in the Green Zone, and Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman post astronomical profits from the fighter planes, nuclear powered subs, and ballistic missile components the government orders from them. As Frida reminds us: Al Qaeda has no fighter planes. These items, reliably churned out by the industrial-military-congressional complex, did not protect us from the 9/11 attacks and will not produce "victory" in Iraq (whatever victory means).

Typical of this gang of self-serving emperor wannabes is Mitt Romney who just won the Iowa straw poll. A truly original thinker, Romney has come up with a new way for young people to show their love for their country: stump for their old man. You see, he says,the reason that none of his 5 sons (ages 37 to 26) is out there fighting in the military is that they're all "helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president."

The empire marches on...

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