Tuesday, August 7, 2007

From the Labyrinth of Memory...

I gorged myself

on mesas

and eavesdropped
on St. Francis

communing with a prairie dog

and laughe
as he danced on water

I drank my morning coffee
in the company of tall pines
and Pedernal

and made

ew friends

but mostly
I walked

and walked...

while mesas
watchful and

the test of time


  1. Did you visit the Georgia O'Keeffe home, and see her paintings at the museum? Sounds like a great trip. Cheers, PaL

  2. We visited the O'Keeffe museum on a previous trip to Santa Fe.

    There's an O'Keeffe ranch tour you can take now. They start with a slide show lecture showing some of the paintings that O'Keeffe did of various sites around the ranch. Then they take you in a bus to those sites, so you can compare the "real thing" with her interpretation. We took the tour a couple of years ago.

    What I really go to Ghost Ranch for, however, is to be surrounded by the rocky mesas. There's just something about their silence and starkness that makes me feel the presence of God and also brings back my inner peace.

    Hope you're having a great summer, too!


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