Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wind in the Willows
...or whatever kind of tree it is

Just getting around to downloading the photos I took of Guilford College's beautiful campus while attending the QUIT conference almost two weekends ago.

I still haven't fully mastered the digital camera I got as a present last Christmas. Mastered it? Who am I kidding? I still know little more than how to point and click! Quite a few times now I've inadvertently taken a brief movie because I didn't pay attention to the setting. However, this time it worked out quite well spite of myself.

Here's a second or two of the wind stirring the branches on a beautiful Saturday evening. I think I have the file working now ... should open in QuickTime or Windows Media Player:



  1. Oh la la, impossible d'ouvrir le lien pour admirer (???) le vent dans les branches! Soit rien ne se passe soit une fenêtre s'ouvre et bloque l'ordinateur!

  2. Ben, essaie encore une fois. Je crois que la petite vidéo ouvrira maintenant.

  3. ah merci, cette fois-ci, ça marche, mais c'est si court, et c'est bien joli comme endroit pour travailler!!!

  4. Condolences on your recent losses. I was interested to read about the Guilford College QUIT conference--and sad that I could not have heard about it through any other source, particularly the media. Such efforts need to be broadcast in a country that's thirsty for them. Thanks for drawing my attention to it--and for having the heart to be there. Blessings, PaL

  5. You expected to hear about the QUIT Conference in the media??? Surely thee jesteth. (Gee, do you suppose George Fox would have said it that way?) I've been reading quite a bit about the use of torture, but the CIA trail was really a revelation to me.

    I meant to do more blogging about the conference --and I will, although it won't be as timely. Came back to a pile of work. But, as a certain apostle said:
    In everything give thanks.


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