Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Numbers are...
  • something I've never been very good at
  • a Friday night TV show featuring a geeky guy who comes up with abstruse mathematical forumulas to help his detective brother solve crimes
  • brief distractions from the extreme violence of the scenes of the same show
  • a way of keeping score
  • good, as in: Coalition forces killed 21 insurgents (Monday)
  • bad, as in: Thunderous truck bomb kills 78 at Baghdad mosque (Tuesday)
  • a measure of success or failure, depending on which side you're on...or what day of the week it is
  • bad when it's more of ours
  • good when it's more of theirs
  • bad when it's them getting us back
  • good when it's us getting them back
  • the name of an advanced era: 2007
  • compassion's negative sum
  • destruction's exponential toll
  • sad
  • ludicrous
  • irrelevant


  1. Buddhists love numbers (and lists!)
    3 jewels
    4 noble truths
    5 lay precepts
    8 fold path
    10 precepts
    84,000 paths

    the joys of an oral tadition....

  2. Cool !

    Personally, I like 3 coins in the fountain :-)


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