Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Ritual

Just returned from putting several miles between me and my almost unbearably sedentary job on an elliptical machine. My late Friday afternoon workout has become a well established ritual. Really puts the week behind me.

Especially this, make that the past two weeks. After an enriching weekend of fellowship at Guilford College with other Quakers --although the subject matter was beyond heartbreaking--I returned to a mountain of work. Then came this week with its two funerals. The first unleashed such a maelstrom of childhood memories that I could hardly concentrate. The second, the passing of a very dear cousin on my mom's side of the family, sad yet leaving me with a bitter-sweet serenity and gratitude for all that my life encompasses.

In everything give thanks.


  1. Ce tourbillon de souvenirs et sentiments d'enfance, il faut que tu les mettes en musique ou en mots. Curieusement hier je pensais que lorsque je mourrai, des maelströms de notes de musique s'échapperont de ma tête et de mon coeur.
    Peut-être que notre âme est en réalité faite de musique, de parfums et de mots.

  2. just got around to reading more than my about not having time to blog, i have been someplace NOT online, but i'm not entirely sure where that place is.
    i'm sorry for your recent losses. anytime you want to talk, i'm here for you.


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