Friday, June 22, 2007

A blog is born

Several of us who attended the QUIT Conference have decided to start a spiritually-grounded, local anti-torture group. I volunteered to set up a blog that could also serve as our website. Another local group that some of us belong to had the forum on its website annihilated by hackers. So that's why I suggested using one of the blog hosting services instead. It's free (unless we use up the free space quota) and it's secured. Blogger or WordPress would be covered in shame if their site got hacked into, I figure. Besides, there's no programming involved, and we can even have several of us authorized to do posting. And comments can be held until cleared by one of us -- so no nasty stuff or spam bots. So that's what I've been working on this week with every spare moment I've had.

Et voilà:

Chester County Religious Campaign Against Torture - CCRCAT

uh...since Blogger is kind enough to be the host of Pax et lux, I won't do a public comparison between its blog mechanism and that of WordPress...but I will say I'm very favorably impressed with the latter.

So now I have two blogs that I don't have time to post to :-)


  1. We are devoting the rest of our lives to the abolition of torture practiced and/or sponsored by our government.

    This is a very powerful sub-heading to the new blog.

    Wordpress is nice. Plenty of formats to choose from. Enjoy.

    Namo Amida Bu

  2. Actually, it was our "organizer" -- the same impressive lady who founded our local peace group, who came up with the subheading. She also wrote the description of our new organization, found under the "about" tab.

    I really like WorkPress' widgets :-)


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