Thursday, May 31, 2007

Road trip

Tomorrow morning at 6:30 I leave with 2 other women to participate in the 2nd QUIT Conference (Quaker Initiative to End Torture, to the uninitiated), to be held this weekend at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. It's at least an 8-hr trip. Not looking forward to spending that long in a car, but I am looking forward to some good conversation on the way down. I thought about blogging live from the conference, but my laptop is too heavy to lug. It was either my laptop or my guitar...and my guitar won. I hear that the library will be open on Saturday, so maybe I'll be able to blog from there.


  1. have a good trip. hope to hear about it soon. glad you took the guitar tho'...tis good to get away from computers now and then.

  2. hmmm...dunno where the 'm' came from up there...
    silly keyboard.

  3. Thanks, Linda. Talk to you soon.


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