Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Eyes, look your last"*

Tomorrow will be Memorial Day. For most Americans, like myself, it means a three-day weekend and the beginning of summer. The weather couldn't be more beautiful here. I sit by my window, basking in the serenity of this Sunday morning.

At this very moment, no doubt, visitors are strolling through the Eyes Wide Open Memorial in Grant Park, Chicago. I happened to catch a glimpse of the exhibit on CNN news last evening. The announcer said that it was a "tribute" to our fallen soldiers. He did not give the name of the memorial or of the organization sponsoring it. He did not mention that this is an exhibit on the human cost of the Iraq War, featuring civilian shoes as well as army boots, shoes of various sizes and shapes, men's and women's, adults' and children's... to remind us of the price paid for this war in civilian casualties. He did not say that the memorial has been touring the country for three years now, forcing us to think about the death and devastation taking place so many miles away; that it is not a "tribute" just to our own fallen --a terrible tragedy that has shattered only a small fraction of American families while the rest of us enjoy this peaceful weekend-- but that it is also a reminder of the thousands upon thousands of Iraqis whose families and lives have been ripped apart by a war of choice, a war of adventurism.

Good for you, Mr. Announcer. You're a consummate spinmeister. You also failed to mention that Grant Park is the last stop for EWO and the last time the exhibit will be assembled, because 3,487 pairs of boots are just too voluminous and heavy and have made EWO too costly to haul around the country any more. Costly in dollars ... infinitely more costly in sorrow and suffering.

I just signed up for an hour of prayer on the EWO wiki. Time to go.

*Romeo and Juliet, Act V, Sc. III.

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