Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am not going to watch his video.

I am not going to read any of his quotes. He holds no fascination for me.

I refuse to be turned into a violence voyeur.

BTW, is anyone considering how all this publicity is registering in the minds of other deranged persons?

Besides, I already know all I need to know:
  • Rapid-fire guns and assault weapons are too easily obtainable in the US.

  • They are not "arms" that anyone has "the right to keep and bear." They are machines of war, meant to cut down as many people as quickly as possible.
  • All the lawyers we turn out in this country and we don't have a saner interpretation of the 2nd Amendment yet? Are they all working for the NRA?
  • Sorry if hunters take offense, but I agree with the reader who commented on Bob Cesca's blog: anyone who needs assault weapons to hunt deer or ducks is a lousy hunter and should find another hobby. Either that or go work in a slaughterhouse. (Better yet, try some vegetable protein for a change.)
  • I also agree with Bob Cesca that 1) we unconsciously assimilate all the subtle (and not so subtle) signals beamed at us by the media to make us dissatisfied with ourselves and resentful of others. We're constantly measuring ourselves against others, judging ourselves and them ... and money is our only measure of worth (with sexual prowess running a close second and the shear mass of consumer goods we can pack into our living space a close third). Fortunately, most of us don't resort to machines of war to put an end to our misery while taking others along with us, but we certainly need to nurture more acceptance of ourselves and compassion for others... and, as someone once said, we need to learn to LOVE people and USE things (the former lavishly, the latter, sparingly), not the other way around; 2) resorting to violence is modeled at the highest levels of our American society, while cooperation and working out differences nonviolently are skills considered good only for weaklings; 3) health care --including mental health care-- should be universally available and FREE.

Ascolta il tuo cuore se batte,
Guarda dove corri e fermati,
Ascolta il dolore del mondo;
Siamo persi per la via

orfani di vita
macchine da guerra
ma perchè ?

Listen to the beat of your heart.
Look where you're running and stop,
Listen to the world's great sorrow;
We're lost souls
life's orphans
machines of war
why oh why ?
--Andrea Bocelli


  1. You're right, violence and the promulgation of violence as the standard fare on our television screens can have no good result. NBC's pious claims to careful self-examination before the release of those images count for nothing beside the bottom line that motivates them. Good on you, Peace & Light!

  2. If we really cared, we'd have some serious gun control laws. Instead, people just watched that video, shook their heads and said, "Oh! isn't that awful?" ...and then switched to their favorite "reality" show.


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