Thursday, March 1, 2007

Tant bien que mal

This blog entry is about me and how I made it through the day...the week...the month of February. I made it through tant bien que other words, I managed somehow. And when I write about me I use comic sans ms font. So as not to take myself too seriously.

Did a lot of new tasks at work, some in quite a rush. Made a few mistakes. I was under so much pressure that I developed a twitching in my right eyelid and later a twitching under my left eye. Then by the middle of today --like magic-- I noticed that they had both disappeared. I guess I must have some sort of inner to-do list that weighs on my subconscious. And today that inner agenda-keeper realized that I had finally gotten to the bottom of the list.

Next week is mid-semester break and a chance to catch up on odds and ends. And maybe even take a vacation day in the middle of the week.

I haven't called or written to a congressman or senator in weeks about the prisoners being held without right of habeas corpus...except for the minute passed by our Monthly Meeting. More on that soon.

I sure feel as though I could sleep for a week!

Bienvenue au mois de mars !!

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