Friday, February 9, 2007

Feeling connected again

Went to a training session today with about 20 others (staff, faculty, students) on our campus. We learned how to be empathetic listeners to students who are feeling emotionally confused or who feel hurt, distressed, angry, bewildered, singled out, etc., because of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion or some other identity trait. We also learned how to suggest to them that they make an appointment at the counseling center if we think they'd benefit from the attention of a professional.

Having undergone the training and signed a pledge, we get to affix a logo to the door of our office indicating that we're part of this safe haven program and that if someone has a concern, we're willing to listen.

I've been so inundated with work that I've been feeling disconnected from people and very phony as far as really being someone who cares about others. Now I feel connected again.

A good way to start the weekend!

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