Thursday, January 18, 2007

Superwoman finally crashes
...or, this wild and crazy liberal life

The semester is only 3 days old and I'm feeling really tired already. I think I've finally succeeded in curing my superwoman syndrome. I skipped an Amnesty meeting last night. Time to go to fewer meetings and maybe carve out a little more time for resting ...and playing guitar, since the latest task I've volunteered for is leading the singing and providing music prior to meeting for worship every other First Day...

Wouldn't want to end up like my cousin Wonder Woman here... Sure is hard striking a balance of work, home, and activism...

I think it's time to play guitar again!


  1. de la guitare ? tu joues de la guitare.... alors les enregistrements, ce n'était pas Ottmar... mais toi!

  2. Il s'agit des accords seulement pour accompagner les chansons. Autrefois je jouais avec d'autres guitaristes à la messe. C'est dur de réapprendre à jouer après tant d'années ... mais très déstressant aussi !


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