Friday, December 8, 2006

The Return of the Blob
..............................uh...make that "the blog"

Well, one cascading style sheets course, lots to do at work, problems with my favorite 16 1/2-year-old, one Financial Stewardship Committee meeting (more on that to come), one message digest (more on that too), and a few weeks later, I'm finally getting back to blogging.

Um...but first I have to practice the guitar a bit. I have exactly one week to relearn how to play chords to accompany Christmas carols to help out the kids when they do their little Christmas pageant, which at our meeting is called Christmas in the Fields. So I'll just leave you with this thought for the day:

Sometimes Christians need to read between the lines.

And just what prompts this ingenious thought? This quote:
"We do know [Jesus] preaches peace...but it did not mean [Jesus] was against a nation going to war."


  1. I must admit that you seem busier than me. Congratulations! :)

    I'm stymied by the quote. Who originally stated it? Inquiring minds want to know (or did you already blog about it and I never read that blog post and now I'm making it obvious by asking the question?).

  2. Thanks Joe ... I think! :-) I seem to have made too many commitments.

    As for the quote, I'll be able to blog about it now, as the entire story has appeared on The story came in my email (from the Sojourners folks), but I never feel right reproducing entire stories because of possible copyright violations. (Chalk that one up to my occupation of instruction librarian. I teach students about copyright and the Net, and I'd be a poor teacher is I broke the rules myself!)

    So, that will be my next blog entry.

    How you doing these busy days???


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