Sunday, October 22, 2006

It takes an election

... the way this sudden change of heart has come about, after months in which [the president] has brushed off all criticism of his policies as either misguided, politically motivated or downright disloyal to America, is maddening.
Amen, amen, New York Times editorial staff.

There is probably no worse time to begin a serious discussion about Iraq policy than two weeks before a close, bitter election. But now that the discussion has begun, it must continue, as honestly and openly as possible. It is time for the American people to confront all the things that the president never had the guts to tell them about for three and a half years.
It doesn't take Abu Ghraib atrocities.
It doesn't take the realization that Saddam liquidated his weapons of mass destruction years ago.
It doesn't take carnage like the one at Falluja.
or the first Johns Hopkins study reporting 100,000 civilian deaths
or the more recent update reporting some 650,000
or the almost 3,000 American military casualties.

To finally rethink the course of this obscene war it takes

an election

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