Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Listen to your mom
But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked, "And who is my enemy?"

Eat your vegetables
   zip up your jacket
      watch out for yourself

Get eight hours of sleep
   take your vitamins
      report illegal aliens

Watch sugars and trans fats
   don't use your cell phone while driving
      don't worry if it's monitored

Shop at Walmart
   shop on QVC
      your VISA bill will have nothing to hide

The policeman is your friend
   the pastor is your guide
      immigrants are landcapers or janitors

Speak English
   read the comics
      report strange conversations

Watch reality shows
   watch You Tube
      get your news from proper sources

Meet people at church
   meet people at the mall
      don't meet people at peace vigils

Build a new rec room
      build a nest egg
            build a fence along the border

Freedom isn't free
   justice is blind
      they were locked up for a reason

If they're not with us
   they're against us
         you never know
            who may be
               the enemy


  1. C'est toi qui as écrit ce poème??? Il est superbe et un brin libertaire! Tu connais quelqu'un qui pourrait en faire une chanson?

  2. Je vais le léguer à Tony, mon petit poème. Qui sait ? Peut-être qu'il le mettra en musique un jour...et que son groupe saura le rejeter !!


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