Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two huge boxes dominate his room

He's busy these days filling them with videos, DVDs, books, stuffed animals, sheets, and other things that he just can't live without.

Then he'll pack a duffle bag with enough clothes for a one-week pre-orientation. Next Thursday I'll take him to get the train at that grand old station ... the Amtrak station with its grandiose vaulted, moulded ceiling, its bronze statue of the Archangel Michael bearing the body of a railroad worker fallen in WWII, and its panoply of gastronomical and junk food establishments.

My husband and I will see him again in just a week, when we'll bring him those two huge boxes and the rest of his clothes. That's when he'll move into his dorm room. Boarding that train next Thursday, however, he'll be embarking upon
his rite of passage.

He'll be going to the university whose motto gave my blog its title and whose serene, lovely emblem shows a dove bearing an olive branch as it hovers over an open book. Peace and the light of learning ... I hope he will find both and help to bring both to this hate-crazed, warmongering world. What a mess we've bequeathed to his generation!

I've been a joke as a mother, a real joke. But I've managed to learn one thing in spite of myself: children are God's vote of confidence in humanity, his conviction that we humans will one day manage to make something of ourselves.

And I'm going to miss him!


  1. Wow, to be on "the other side" of this event (now as parent) must be quite interesting. Instead of being sent off now it's your turn to do the same. How exciting.

    Being a "joke of a" parent isn't such a bad thing, you know. :)

  2. Yes, it is pretty exciting! I'm excited to see him excited! :-))


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