Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A joyful noise

It's going on right now in my basement. Electric emo rock ... amplifiers blaring...so loud that even the air exchange plate in the floorboard can't resist the temptation to hum along. Feedback from the mikes...my feet are getting a massage.

Five young guys: a drummer, a basist, two guitarists, and a singer.

One of the guitarists is my son #2 ... I guess he gets it from me, although I barely managed to finger the simplest chords on a guitar, even when I played regularly in a music ministry group. His fingers scamper from fret to fret.

We all play music
  but to each group its own style
  its own sound
each one vibrates at its own
  unique frequency

Don't crush someone else's beat
  if it doesn't suit you
  just let it gyrate on by

Find the one that makes you dance

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