Saturday, July 15, 2006

On severing the road to Damascus

" 'Only violence pays,'has been the lesson often taught both [the Palestinians and the Hezbollah] by Israel, and by the many militant groups who oppose her in the Middle East." So reads this morning's sad BBC report.

In another report we learn that 10 more Lebanese civilians were killed by an Israeli a missile strike as they tried to flee over the southern border.

And in this report filed by two Mennonite peace workers located in Bethlehem, we learn that
Israeli military shelling led to the destruction of the facilities of the Palestinian Authority foreign ministry as well as the home of a Palestinian family in Gaza City leading to the deaths of nine Palestinians, including seven children, all from the same family.
Finally, Ken Seitz, a Mennonite Central Committee worker located in Beirut, tells us in a podcast that Lebanon is effectively under seige. The country has again become the "soccer field for what is happening between Iran and Syria and Israel," as it was in the late 70's. He describes the blockade and the electricity outage... no lights and the road to Damascus cut off.

Right now it's Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah (and their supporters)...and in the country located between Syria and Iran, it is the shiite militias, the IED-makers, and us...cutting off the Light and cutting themselves/ourselves off from the road that could lead to self-questioning and to revelation:
As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" (Acts 9:3-4)
...the revelation that in persecuting our enemies, it is always the Holy One that we persecute.


  1. Hey, liberata,

    I've seen some speculation on a few blog that the increasing tensions might prove to add more "weight" to starting a war with Iran. Oh, joy! Let's bring to life the "wars and rumors of wars".

    Thanks for the podcast link to the Mennonite Peace stuff. I still appreciate peach church stuff and learning of a podcast is nice to learn.

  2. Hi Joe,

    A couple of interesting articles on what Israel's real intentions are:

    The REAL Reason Israel Is Going Full-Frontal on Hezbollah - NOW

    and Uri Avnery (lucid as ever but, as ever, with no one listening to him):

    The Real Aim


    Of course, you may as well say that Israel has our country's blessing on it all ... all in the name of self-defense.

    I'm particularly struck by Avnery's analysis of the situation, which seems so analagous to the Iraq war situation here. Here, almost no one with any power in Congress --and certainly not the democrats, heaven forbid!-- really opposes the war, because no one wants to be labeled "soft on terror." In Israel, no one wants to go on record as being against the return of the kidnapped soldiers. Yet, as Avnery points out, only an exchange of prisoners will accomplish that objective.

    And notice that Avnery doesn't fail to fault Hezbollah either, noting that the Qassam rockets have not changed Israeli public opinion.

  3. Thanks for the links. It does seem like Israel has been awaiting a "sound" reason to take these sorts of offensives. Their reactions are substantially more powerful than what they have done in the past in similar circumstances. It's the Bush foreign policy of "Bring it on!"

    And this is supposed to make us feel more safe and secure? I think not. Wars and rumors of wars never accomplish that stated agenda.


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