Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today I'm just too sad over all the killing, all the warmaking. I needed to resurrect a poem I wrote awhile ago.

Peace by Peace

Bullets are swift
   surging out of the barrel
   plunging into sinews and arteries
   writing their message in red characters
   congealed onto human vellum

Bombs shout
   smithereens spin in the air
   then drift
   to the ground
   spelling out their message
   in bits of bone and flesh

Love takes much longer
   passing imperceptibly across membranes
until -fully metabolized-
   its message is expressed
   by hands that heal and serve

Love is not for the impatient
   or for the easily discouraged
   for it must burrow under mental blocks
   feel its way around facile solutions
   jump perilous synapses
   of double standards
   and glide past nodes where temptation is great
   to become violence charged

Love whispers
   its message
   from ear to ear
   among those now living
   its speaking voice emerging at last
     from those yet to come

Sign the Declaration of Peace!


  1. Great poem I can feel and see the power of bullets and bombs. Their power is intoxacating and we must always remind people of that.

    Love will take longer with uncertian results, but the rewards can be far greater.

    Please don't despair, life is a growing experiance and everything is as it should be, even if it is painful.


  2. Hi gmc,

    Thanks for your message. It really helps me.

    Our family recently returned from a place surrounded by sturdy mesas. After a week or so of meditative recreation, I returned better able to deal with our country's unfortunate policies in Iraq ... then the Israel-Hezbollah war started...and we now have some issues with caring for elderly family members.

    But you're certainly right: life is indeed a growing experience...I need to breathe into it.

    In the Light.


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