Saturday, July 1, 2006

El Niño del Valle del río Chama

The toddler crept silently
from his crib
and stole outside as the sun
came up

Bending down
he stroked the green velvet
carpeting the mesa

and giggled

Then he toddled the length of the canyon
following the Chama's
thread-like path

Thirsty he reached up
squeezed a spongy cloud

and laughed
as raindrops sprinkled
his pudgy cheeks
and outstretched tong

But then he felt cold
...and hungry

Startled hummingbirds fled
as a baby sob
echoed through the canyon

Just then Mamacita bent down
gathered her toddler in her arms
wrapped him in a blan
of woven sunbursts
and carried him off to breakfast

The Mesa

There's something reassuring
ut a mesa
   that's withstood

          and rain
   for countless millennia

Still, solid, and silent
   it seems to whisper

lean your flinching soul
   against my sturdy flank
let your spirit rest awhile
   in an unseen crevice
Learn to trust again

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