Monday, July 17, 2006

Another INFP

I suspect that Jeanne and I share the same Myers-Briggs type.

Peace Activists Bear Weight of the World

"Those of us across the U.S. who are challenging this empire's greed are the ones here who see the situation for what it is."

Of course, the trick is to take what we do seriously while not taking ourselves seriously (and we INFPs take ourselves sooo seriously!!), and not to fall prey to partisan politics.

"Political action therefore was not a means to acquire security and strength for one’s self and one’s party, but a means of witnessing to the truth and the reality of the cosmic structure by making one’s own proper contribution to the order willed by God. One could thus preserve one’s integrity and peace, being detached from results (which are in the hands of God) and being free from the inner violence that comes from division and untruth, the usurpation of someone else’s dharma in place of one’s own svadharma. These perspectives lent Gandhi’s politics their extraordinary spiritual force and religious realism." Thomas Merton, (first published in Ramparts magazine, then in Seeds of Destruction -- emphasis mine)

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