Thursday, July 27, 2006

"All our many names for G*d"

I think I can substitute "Quaker" for "Jewish" in the following quotation:

"I am a Jewish practitioner of generic religion. As a G*d-worshipper, I believe, I ought to be at home any place G*d is worshipped. At home, not just a visitor."
Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer

A bit more from the Rabbi's website:
Religion — all religion — is intended to be a force to bring people together — together with each other and together with G*d — and not to drive them apart. All our many Names for G*d do not divide G*d and should not be permitted to divide us. Separations and divisions are inherently irreligious acts.

Rabbi Zev on non-violence:
"There are those who believe that violence is the only possible response to violence, that any form of non-violence is a non-response....the nations in which the resistance was violent [during Nazi domination] suffered the greatest depredations; the nations in which the resistance was non-violent saved almost all their Jews. Non-violence is not only right; it is effective."
--from the Tikkun website on War and Peace in the Middle East

(On same webpage: a very informative essay, "Why Hezbollah Fights," by Stratfor, analyzing the history, aims, and supporters of Hezbollah.)

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