Sunday, June 4, 2006

Play ball (in the name of the Lord)!

I don't usually follow the baseball news. That's more my older son's territory. But this recent USA Today story caught my attention:

Baseball's Rockies seek revival on two levels

According to pitcher Jason Jennings, his teammates now have something the other teams don't: character. Character defined as: no reading of Playboy or Penthouse (sports and car mags are OK), no swearing (well... a player might utter a colorful word under his breath now and then, but basically they keep it clean), Bible reading, and regular attendance at Sunday chapel services. In short, the ball team is "embracing a Christian-based code of conduct they believe will bring them focus and success."

To the extent that this religious revival keeps the Rockies players drug-free, well and good. That will certainly set an excellent example for the sport. As for the faith-based success effort though, I've really had it with the way we invoke God's name for victory on the ball well as on the pre-emptive war battlefield.

Success, first place in the league...or in the world...I don't remember Jesus promising that to his followers.


  1. Je suppose que l'archevêque vient poser sa mitre sur les battes et baise la balle avant de se faire baiser les mains par tous les joueurs?
    Combien d'ave, combien de pater avant de commencer la partie, ma soeur?
    Oh et après tout, dans les matches de foot, on voit bien des joueurs faire le signe de la croix ou bien faire la prière musulmane. Je ne sais pas si les sportifs juifs bvaisent leur étoile de David avant de tirer un penalty.
    ah et je pense aux joueurs de rugby néo-zélandais. Eux aussi se livrent à d'étranges rituels avant de jouer.

  2. Jesus regularly promises it to the team here in Texas (or so one would think!). Just kidding! Sort of.

    Ah, to be a Quaker in the Bible Belt . . .


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