Monday, June 26, 2006

Abiquiú, New Mexico
The Yucca

I spring up in the natural desert
and in your unnatural wastelands

In times long past I watched
the inhabitants wander

on foot

stopping to drink from a creek
or to repair arrowheads

a succulent
I understand too well
their descendents' thirst
as they wander off the reservation
in cars

only to buy drink

Along the roadside
where the blacktop meets the remorseless terrain
I bear witness to human desolation

My bell-shaped flowers
silently chime
to mark the passing of each age

The Aspen

Though sturdily rooted
in the mountainside
I love motion

Stretching out my arms
in summer
I let my leaves flutter in the wind
catching each drop of sunlight

and shimmering like spangles

In autumn
my branches are rich gold

In winter
I thrill to hear the air whistle
as you ski by

Then restless
I wait
for the next
snow rider


  1. I love Aspens. We have a few surrounding our house. The color, the quaking sound, the subterranean connectedness. Beautiful.


  2. Hi Kevin,

    I just saw aspens for the first time. We visited a couple of spots in Colorado before moving on to New Mexico. We took a hike and the leader explained about how the leaves quiver because they're attached at right angles to the stems. The image of spangles came to my mind immediately.

    Maybe someday I'll actually see aspens in the fall ... I've only seen pictures so far!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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