Monday, May 8, 2006

Just "another method of survival..."

I'm having trouble processing this one. Only the BBC and the Washington Post seem to be reporting this horrible story coming out of Liberia:
Save the Children UK said an alarming number of girls as young as 8 were having sex with older men, including policemen, teachers, aid workers and U.N. peacekeepers, in exchange for money, food or favors such as a ride in a car or watching a film.

"There are signi
ficant developments which indicate the communities are becoming increasingly resigned to the fact that sex in exchange for goods and services is anothermethod of survival," Save the Children said in its 20-page report. (from today's Washington Post)
And from the BBC:
Girls from the age of eight to 18 years were being sold for sex, "commonly referred to as 'man business'," the report noted.
In spite of investigations that have been going on since 2002, UN peacekeepers are still among the perpetrators.

Children are really the most vulnerable, the most powerless. Where there's poverty and misery, they're always at the bottom of the heap.

Daria sings For All the World's Children...

For all the world’s children
Here’s a song and a prayer
That you’ll reach out for love
And it will always be there

That you’ll rise like the wind
And shine like the stars
And that you’ll always remember
How special you are

That you’ll always find friendship
And folks who are kind
Who can share your joys with you
And strengthen your mind

And that your home will be a place
From which the best journeys start
And that you’ll fly in your lifetime
On wings of the heart

For all the world’s children
I wish justice and peace
And a world that respects you
And your dignity

So you can rise like the moon
And shine your light far...
And always remember
How special you are.


  1. C'est étrange comme nos préoccupations se rejoignent! Je fais des recherches pour écrire quelque chose à la suite d'une double meurtre commis dans deux régions de France contre deux petits enfants.
    Pour moi qu'il s'agisse du tiers-monde ou du Nord riche, cette violence contre les enfants reléve de la même logique infernale.

  2. une logique infernale ???

    Il faudrait suivre les rapports télévisés ces dernières semaines au sujet de la child porn qui court sur le net. Il y avait deux ados, une jeune fille et un garçon, qui ont raconté devant le Congrès comment les pédophiles les avaient séduits dans le cyberespace, les incitant à se déhabiller et à faire des actes obscènes devant le webcam, comment les «clients» les payaient et leur donnaient rendez-vous en chair et en os (ah ! quelle expression dans ce contexte !!). Comment est-ce qu'une jeune personne se remet de tout cela ???


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